Playing 2/26/2011
The Adventures of Mark Twain
Dir. Will Vinton US 1985
Film on Film Foundation presents a Claymation and Puppetry triple feature extravaganza of rare films!

Director Will Vinton, the Father of Claymation and its most expressive practitioner, goes to town in this amazing tribute to the life and works of one of America's greatest personages. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, stowaways on an airship piloted by their aging author, are led on a rambling journey through Twain's lesser-known writings, peppered with acerbic late-life musings about human nature, religion, and mortality. What starts out looking like a simple kids' movie quickly moves into darker territory (one stunning sequence has been deemed too disturbing to include in TV broadcasts) and makes glorious, sometimes abstract use of the manipulative possibilities of clay, both in 2-D and 3-D. (86m)

Special Admission - Only $5!

Appropriate for children with parental guidance.
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  Sat: 4:00 only

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Red Vic Movie House 1727 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94117
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