Playing June 16 - 18, 2011
Dir. James Wan US 2010
Insidious is the terrifying story of a family (the parents are played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) who move into a house where things go scarily bump in the night. Soon, their son inexplicably falls into a coma. Trying to escape the bad spirits, they move to a new house, but the disturbances continue. Pretty soon we experience supernatural spirit abductions and spooky séances – and by the time the ghost-busters show up things go off-the-chart weird. Fright-meisters director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell, who teamed up to launch the uber-scary Saw series, once again tap into the collective unconscious to scare the bejesus out of us. After seeing this spine-chilling exercise in terror, you’ll never look at a baby monitor the same way again. (102m)

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  Thur & Fri: 7:15, 9:25
Sat: 2:00, 4:15, 7:15, 9:25
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Red Vic Movie House 1727 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94117
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