Playing 4/18/06 - 4/20/06
The Big Lebowbski
Dir. Joel Coen US 1998
A rug (that ties the whole room together) is stolen and that kind of unchecked aggression will not stand, man... It's 4/20 so come celebrate with Donny, Walter, Maude, Bunny and The Big Lebowski, Jesus Quintana, Brandt, Smokey, some Nihilists, Jackie Treehorn, and, of course, Saddam Hussein and The Dude himself. Please note our at the-strike-of-4:20 additional showtime and show up hungry as we will be offering our bargain $4.20 munchie special. And remember, The Dude abides... (117m)
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  Wed: 2:00, 7:00, 9:25
Tues & Thur: 4:20, 7:00, 9:25

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