Playing Dec 19 & 20, 2010
Seven Samurai
Dir. Akira Kurosawa Japan 1954
Kurosawa's most famous film, Seven Samurai has been named by many critics and film journals as one of the ten greatest fims of all times. Set in the 1600's, it tells the story of a group of unemployed samurai hired by a small village to fight off marauding bandits. The villagers are so poor they can only take to their task with commitment and pride. Also starring Toshiro Mifune in one of his greatest and funniest performances. An influence on numerous other films, Kurosawa's classic has never been surpassed in sheer power of emotion and kinetic energy, and the climactic battle remains one of the most breathtaking sequences ever filmed. See it on the big screen! (Japanese w/English subtitles; 203m)
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  Sun: 2:00, 7:30
Mon: 7:30

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