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Walking to Werner
Dir. Linas Phillips US 2007
In the winter of 1974, Werner Herzog walked from Munich to Paris to see a dying friend. Filmmaker Linas Phillips walked from Seattle to Herzogís home in Los Angeles in the summer of 2005, hoping simply to meet the man who had inspired him to make movies. Walking 1,200 miles south on the Pacific Coast Highway, braving traffic, Mother Nature, the California Highway Patrol, and his own self-doubt, Linas fulfills a dream that parallels the filmic dreams accomplished by his hero. But as one marginal roadside character after another shares a story with Linas - redemptive, tragic, funny - they begin to steal focus from his obsession with Herzog. Punctuated by Herzogís voiceovers, these roadside stories and Linasís own spiritual battles make this engaging documentary as much a testament to human vulnerability and redemption as a chronicle of the 1,200-mile quest to meet the legendary director. DIRECTOR LINAS PHILLIPS WILL BE PRESENT FOR Q & A AFTER SUNDAY EVENING SHOWS. (video; 93m)
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