Playing Jan. 8 - 11, 2010
The Good Old Naughty Days
The Good Old Naughty Days (French title: Polissons et galipettes or Rascals and somersaults, is a collection of 12 silent hardcore pornographic shorts from the early 1900s. Beautifully restored by the National Cinematheque in France, re-edited by director Michel Reilhac and with a new soundtrack by Eric Le Guen, these films were originally created to entertain brothel patrons as they awaited their turn. The exhibitionists in Naughty Days are a far cry from the pumped and greased-up, silicone-injected bodies of our current porn stars. And although the setups are rather similar to contemporary plots (the pizza delivery guy is replaced by a monk), there is more humor and variance than by today’s standards. Most scenes begin with two women (men have always liked to watch women) and then in walks - surprise - a man! But if he doesn’t watch out when he bends over, he may also be happily surprised from behind. And all of this fun clocks in at an appropriate 69 minutes. For adults only, no one under 18 admitted. (69m)
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