Playing Nov 9 & 10
Dir. Ingmar Bergman Sweeden 1953
This early masterpiece about the courtship and marriage between a naive boy and a girl yearning for love is viewed as one of the greatest of Bergmanís early films. Harriet Anderssonís shimmering performance as Monika, along with Bergmanís masterful direction and the filmís innovative eroticism, had a profound effect on the French New Wave. The uninhibited view of nudity was so groundbreaking for the uptight 50ís that when it was originally shown in the U.S. it was peddled as a sexploitation flick. The stark, poignant portrayal of an idealistic summer love and the challenges it faces when the pressures of the outside world inevitably intrude is an example of the transformative power of art. (96m)
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  Sun: 2:00, 4:15, 7:15, 9:20
Mon: 7:15, 9:20
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